Event in the Fair!

24 July 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Hot weekend is in full swing!
The magnetic and thunderstorm fronts are finally over in Praia and the sun is shining now even brighter than before. With the sunbeams legendary talents have also started to spark!

During this weekend — fill up not only your Warehouse and Libraries, but also enrich your reserves of legendary talents for your favorite heroes!

Event in the Fair!

Three days, till 8:00 (UTC) on July 25th, search and get legendary talents from the third set "Legendary Heritage" under more favorable conditions!

  • On the counters there will be only the newest, third set of legendary talents — «Legendary Heritage»!
  • All talents are 2 times cheaper!
    Prices of legendary talents will be in the range of 35-90 Prime crystals, instead of usual 70-90!
  • Selected fields remain permanently!
  • Renewal costs only 1 Prime crystal!

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the chance of the Jackpot has been reduced by 2 times. This was made due to its "ordinary" and not its event prize already implicates the cost of resources spend on the assortment renewal, which is again compensated by the 2 times cheaper price of the renewal during this offer.

Have a nice weekend!

Your Prime World Team