Summer wealth!

22 July 2016

Friends of Praia!

Here are several important news we would like to share with you:

Our servers are online!

The Maintenance is over, our game servers are online again, the battlefields of Praia are waiting for their warriors! As we have already mentioned, this maintenance was aimed at improving such problems as:

  • Error in displaying the friend list;
  • Error in displaying clan members;
  • Error in displaying allied players in the pre-match window;
  • Error while adding someone to the friends list;
  • Error while gathering other players in a group.

Summer wealth!

The summer keeps bringing us joyful surprises!

In one of ancient temples a strange artefact has been found. According to the remained Prime vibrations, it has been established, that artefact activation will bring enormous wealth to the castles!

After thoroughgoing researches praian scientists founded out that this artefact needs to be permanently recharged with Prime. But where do we get such amounts of Prime? Of course in Borderlands!

From 8:00 (UTC) on July 21st till 8:00 on July 26th, our heroes will bring increased rewards for the PvP battles - 2 times more resources, talents and experience!

Meanwhile these bonuses will be summed up with active Golden Age — so that in this case you will even receive 4 times more resources, talents and experience!

Compensation for our players!

In compensation for technical issues you could experience yesterday, all of our players will be rewarded with 1 day of Golden Age!

Especially for your convenience, the activation was made in form of a pop-up quest, where you will have to hand over 1 entity of Food, in order to activate the bonus Golden Age. The pop-up quest already awaits you in the castle and will be available till 19:00 (UTC) on July 24th.
In case you already have the Golden Age activated, the bonus Golden Age will be summed up with the existing one.

On this place we would like to remind you, that according to the Summer Wealth action described above and with one bonus day of Golden Age, you will get 4 times more rewards for the battles!

Onwards to new victories!

Your Prime World Team