A bold contest!

20 July 2016

Friends of Praia!

After installing the patch 10.10, some of you could have met a young lady, whom you haven't seen earlier on the training battlefields of Praia. She is called the Bold One, namely because she fled from under the supervision without ending Prime initiation and reembodiment to a real hero.

She could brush up her skills during numerous training, but her vocal cords are still too weak…

A contest!

We invite you to participate in a fun competition, where you should offer your own vision of the voiceover for the latest skin for the hero Assassin / Eraser - Bold One!

Just think out phrases, which you think the Bold One could use while expressing herself, record them in any audio (or even video!) format and post it in a special thread on our forum! Your contest works will be accepted till 23:59 (UTC) on July 31st.

On this place we would like to remind you that every hero has a list of phrases that accompany his specific actions:

  • Movement
    Example - "I obey; That will be done."
  • While using the talent Insidious Throw
    Example - "I won't miss!; Target hit!"
  • While using the talent Shadow Warrior
    Example - "Fast and unseen; Nobody will see me."
  • While using the talent The Mark
    Example - "The verdict is death."
  • While using the talent Decisive Strike
    Example - "Blow of justice!"
  • Auto-attack
    Example - "Silent; Cut!"
  • After a hero was killed
    Example - "Well, usually I'm not so easily surprised..."
  • After resurrection of the hero
    Example - "I have come back to kill."
  • After killing an enemy hero
    Example - "The sentence is enforced."

At the end of the contest we will select three entries which will create the most interesting audio and literal image of the skin and reward their authors. Despite of that, we will choose 3 entries, which will be the most popular among our players, these will also bring some pleasant rewards to their authors!

Please note that not only the phrase as such will be evaluated, but also its audio performance.

Complete guidelines for the event

Where and when:

  • Leave your entries in a special thread on our forum.
  • Your entries will be accepted from July 20th till 23:59 (UTC) on July 31.

How to format your entries:

  • The entry should contain at least 9 recorded and named phrases for the skin, one phrase per action;
  • Save your phrases in any audio format, but it would be better if they could be opened in an ordinary audio player. Because there will be certainly a lot of players who would like to listen your phrases;
  • Your phrases should maximally fit the character of the hero;
  • Phrases which are pronounced by a hero are mostly directed to his Lord;
  • Your phrases should not be offensive or contain bad language under any circumstances;
  • Phrases aimed at the opponents are mostly asexual;
  • Phrases (in particular for the heroes movement, as well as for the auto-attack) should be really short.


Our winners will get:

  • For the 1st place500 gold and the skin Bold One on the date of its release in the game;
  • For the 2nd place350 gold and the skin Bold One on the date of its release in the game;
  • For the 3rd place200 gold and the skin Bold One on the date of its release in the game;
  • Authors of three entries, including those that will be the most popular among players, will get 100 gold and the skin Bold One on the date of its release in the castles!

Unleash your creativity!

By the way, do not forget about our permanent contest, where you can make your name known around the whole Praia!

Your Prime World Team