Real heroes are born in battles!

08 July 2016

Sealing bundled and ingrown one into other branches hide the cave of the monster. It was hardly possible to determine where to continue his searches. The man who carefully looked the forest around him was no longer sure that he will find the horrible monster and save the beautiful Malika.

Only the wisdom of his teacher, which he has memorized helped and gave him strength to continue. The man closed his eyes …

The paths do not open before those who doesn't struggle, that is what his teacher told him when he accompanied him in the journey, - Search your destiny, search for your own way, and do not forget - only one of them will take you to the edification. All other to self-destruction.

Being deep in his own thoughts he tripped over a root and has fallen almost to his knees into a pit. There it is! The monster's cave!

Looking forward over the discovery he hurried to free his way from whole leaves and branches and entered the cave. Skills which he has learned in the monastery allowed him to move silently.

He already saw the Woodwose, but suddenly ... A branch crunched under his feet. A moment and the Woodwose was already running to him! Only perfect reflexes, which he coached for years saved him from a shattering blow.

But there was no time to think of something clever, the raging Woodwose was too close! The man relied on luck and ran towards him, gathering all the rage in his fists.

A whole series of targeted punches worked perfectly - the Woodwose felt swaying on the ground... just on the beautiful Malika! It seemed man's heart will stop. A breathtaking jump... The man has managed to push his beloved out of the falling Woodwose, but he did not have time to jump out even there.

Furthermore everything was like in a fog. He came to consciousness in the same cave. Not far from him lied the defeated and harmless Woodwose. The man felt agility throughout his body, only his hands were like burning like a fire. When he looked at his hands, he saw they were wrapped with Prime ... At this moment he understood, that is the way, which was chosen for him.

…... Real heroes are born only in battles ...

Base hero: Brawler / Meijin
Price: 49 gold