Revenge is what I need!

08 July 2016

Town Square was occupied by merchants, who were attacked by a villain.
- I swear, he suddenly appeared behind my back! - Told one of the eyewitnesses to the others, - And for a second he was gone, next to another train set!

People who have gathered around the storyteller looked at him askance and shook their heads, but no one went away. Everyone wanted to know how a single robber managed to collect a gang in these forests full of monsters and heroes. Anyone will even start to believe supernatural abilities ...

Wrapped in a collar coat, a man was standing behind the crowd just grinned and improved his hood. He knew what was going on ...

Everything began when his father, the best hunter of this lands was ambushed by a Woodwose. His comrades helped him but when he was brought home, he was bleeding and was barely alive. The mother went to the doctors, but the price was so high ... they had to borrow the money from merchants. But who knew how large the tribute will be!

Exactly during a year his parents died, trying to pay off their debt. In the end, a child, an orphan should live on the street. No one knows what would have happened without the protection of Prime!

Young man left the market place. Since then he aspired to helping poor at the expense of merchants.

On the way back he managed to overhear the conversation of the guards. People say our Lord is tired of the constant attacks of the unknown robber and soon he will send his best heroes in the woods on his search. The man only snorted. Let us play hide and seek? With pleasure! - He thought - But we`ll make it even more interesting - we will play according to my rules ...

Deep in his thoughts the man leaned against the wall of the castle. Only a nervous tapping with his shoes tip and barely audible snort stated his nervousness. At the moment he has made a decision and went into the castle.

The next day he appeared at the castle - the Hellion.

Base hero: Desperado
Price: 49 gold