Patch 10.10 is live!

07 July 2016

Lords und Ladies!

Update 10.10 has been installed on our game servers. Experience the long-awaited improved penalty system, along with a rebalance of the hero Inventor (and other), as well as new skins!


New skins!

Not long ago, two stunning events rocked the land of Praia. First, a famous warrior dared to challenge the wild Woodwose, even though that warrior was just an ordinary man. In the fierce battle that followed, the master of battle killed the Woodwose, but the cost of his victory was much too great.

At the same time, on a busy trade route near Fichter, an unthinkable large bandit attack struck at the merchant caravans. The leader of the gang could shoot with both hands at once and often donned a painted mask. “Take no prisoners,” he commanded. Of course, the same command was followed by the heroes sent to clear the bandits from the road. It seemed the evil villain was finally gone for good. But things aren’t always what they seem...

Dragon Warrior

Original hero: Brawler / Meijin
Price49  gold


Original hero: Desperado
Price49  gold

Stiffer punishments, fairer penalties

As we mentioned in the announcement, most of the work in this update was on the system of punishments and penalties. The former have become stricter, and the latter are now fairer for players. Also, the interface is now more user-friendly, and some aspects of the punishment system are now clearer and easier to understand. You can read more about these changes here.

  • Reports in battle and in the Castle are now split: each player gets 2 reports for each battle session. Also, even if a player spends both reports in a single battle, both are fully restored for the next one. The number of reports allowed in the Castle is still 3 per day, as before.
  • A player will now be banned from chat for insults automatically after a match if the offender receives 2 or more complaints of insulting communication during that session. A special algorithm will verify these reports, responding to key factors in players behavior. If the reports filed against the player are not justified, they will not count against him. Bans triggered this way lasts 24 hours. (This feature will be switched off right after patch installation in order to implement additional settings. We will keep you updated).
  • The penalty for canceling the pre-match window no longer grows with each cancelation and now always lasts 5 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug that made messages about punished players sometimes disappear and be sent repeatedly to the reporters. Now these messages will be displayed correctly: one time for each offender who is punished.
  • Now the user who is the target of a complaint will automatically be added to the ignore list of the player who submits the complaint.
  • Chat can now be disabled/enabled without going into game settings: you can disable chat by simply clicking the check mark next to the message entry box. When a player’s chat is disabled, that player cannot write or read any chat messages.
  • Players can now be added to your ignore list with one click from the game statistics screen.
  • Players on the ignore list will no longer be displayed in the Recent Allies tab after battle.
  • The status of a player whose is banned from chat is now correctly displayed in the lobby.
  • Fixed a bug where the group leader could not see when members of his group had active cancelation penalties.





The hero most affected by rebalancing in the 10.10 update is definitely the Inventor.

Our experimenting was fascinating and intense. Lots of people had differing opinions, and we couldn’t cater to all of them. The hero would have been severely imbalanced, as the players themselves said after all of the suggestions were received. In the end, we conducted a survey, in which the rebalanced variant developed by the game designers was selected. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the rebalancing. We really value your input in the project!


  • Now, in addition to Speed, Attack Damage is also increased by 1% for each 5 missing parts. The max total increase (when parts are at 0) is 20%.


  • Now placed without an animation delay.


  • Now placed without an animation delay

Time Bomb

  • Bomb projectile speed increased by 50%


  • Active time reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
  • Damage per second increased by 33%. Thus the total damage during active time remains the same.
  • Increased the number of parts used per second from 14 to 18.



Freeze is very well-suited to the current meta. He has lots of control and can play support without losing any of his usefulness, plus he is very good at fights in early-game.

Freeze is especially popular at high levels of play and in full parties. In the Prime Battle playoff, Freeze’s popularity (total peaks and bans) was 73%. We’ve redirected some of his early-game strength to the midgame and late game.

Ring of Needles

  • The damage required to free the target from the effect of the needles has been reduced by 15%.

Icy Blows

  • Damage increased by 15%.

Icy Fist

  • The enemy-drawing effect on hit has been moved from the main talent to the Permafrost Zone upgrade.
  • The slowdown effect that was previously added with the Permafrost Zone upgrade is now a part of the main talent.


Pied Piper / Rat Master

Pied Piper has a very similar role to Freeze’s – he can play support and has a lot of powerful control ability.

In the current aggressive game, every second of control is worth its weight in gold, and in this domain the Pied Piper can outclass any other forester. Pied Piper is still one of the stronger initiators and gankers but has been weakened somewhat.

Call of the Flute

  • Reduced maximum duration from 3 to 2.5 seconds.
  • The damage required to free the target from the effect of the flute has been reduced by 15%.


Prince of Thieves / Duelist

If Freeze and Pied Piper are popular, the Prince is a superstar!

Statistically, his popularity in the team tournament stage was at 75%, and in the playoff stage his popularity reached an incredible 95%. As you know, the top teams really play to win, they love the Prince, and not because of his beautiful eyes. Borderlands stats also have the Prince standing out from the crowd. Weakening the Luck talent makes the Prince’s defensive stats more important and makes the choice between damage and defense more significant.


  • Amount of damage absorbed reduced by 10%



• Sometimes, a hero’s complex mechanics result in minor technical glitches. We’re fixing these with Luna. Also, Luna’s ultimate has been weakened a bit.


  • No longer works on heroes immune to control.
  • No longer removes an invisibility status from opponents – but does make invisible opponents visible for the duration of the ability.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where the dome summoned by the Stasis ability disappeared when Luna died.
  • Fixed a bug where using Luna’s Astral Gates could teleport you to an inaccessible part of the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the Serenity talent’s description did not always display the correct speed reduction value (based on the number of charges accumulated by the Surplus Energy talent)
  • Fixed a bug where an allied hero using Luna’s Astral Gates received a strength boost not based on his own strength but on Luna’s strength.



  • You can now set hotkeys during a battle, not just from your Castle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the resurrection of Defender/Guardian to sometimes fail.
  • Fixed a bug where, when Defender/Guardian was killed, the killing could be attributed to multiple players at once.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Inherited Talisman talent to not function at the end of a match if the talent cooled down while the hero was dead.
  • Fixed the description of the effect of the Life-Giving Radiance talent.
  • Upgraded the Mechawyrm skin’s death animation.



  • Fixed a bug that caused upgraded and bound talents to not be shown when improving talents.
  • The Fair interface is now always displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused chat ban time to be displayed incorrectly in the Castle when it was greater than 2 days. Previously, some players were shown chat ban times which were 24 hours less than their actual chat ban time, which led to questions and misunderstandings. This will no longer happen.


Account protection system upgrades

  • Upgraded the automatic account lock system, activated by brute force attacks

Known problems

  • Inventor: Improvement of the talent «Vita-Generator» gives no additional parts.
  • Functionality of hiring the heroes Inventor and Artiste for silver is working incorrectly. While we are working on fixing this issue, we would like to invite those Lords and Ladies, who have not hired these heroes yet, to buy them via using special quests, which are already available in your castles.

Let us know your thoughts about the new patch in the comments down below or in a special thread on our forum!

Your Prime World Team