Haven`t played for a long time? Time to come back!

06 July 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Summer is in full play in the whole world and Praia is not an exception! Since almost a month our active players are getting legendary talents for entering their castles every three days and could already collect two sets — "Way of the Dragon" and "Indomitable Rejoicing" ("Unstable Defense" is on the way starting on July 7th). This time we would also like to share the summer mood with players who made a long pause in Prime World and therefore could miss many interesting changes. Friends, it is time to come back! Especially for you in the Patch 10.10 (that will be installed already tomorrow!) we have prepared one of the first and most popular heroes — Highlander / Immortal with an up to date build!

Encrusted broken wood crunched under his feet. A tall, broad-shouldered man, with red beard and mustache hacked his way through the thicket. "Bloody forest — he thought, — bloody mist that makes me wander through this forest". He paused to take a breath, threw the shoulder yoke with buckets on the ground and looked into the sky. Crowns of trees seemed to be so low. Where did he come to, how did the fog lead him here? A little bit later he noticed a path. Will I meet people again after so many years of loneliness? He banished his worries and walked the path along, in the direction of sunset. Soon he saw a column of smoke after the road went left. The unknown hermit already knew what awaits him there, but he didn`t turn away from the path. He felt a long-forgotten feeling in his chest. Greed. Call.

A caravan was burning. Apparently this were merchants, their resistance was too weak. He saw how robbers pulling peoples out of the van and put them into irons, just like as they were slaves. "Hey waterboy! Сome here!"— A robber dressed in black called him. — "Quick! Do you have a scoop?". The hermit came close to him and watched this killer drinking water with his dirty hands. "What is your name, vagabond?" — asked the man in black. My name? Well.

"My name is Buresvet. I am a hero". With a slight movement of his upper body Buresvet hit the bucket from the Hands of the robber out, chopped the fasson his coat with the yoke and threw him in one of the burning vans. Sparks flew everywhere, they could hear the robber shouting, but he stopped very soon. Everyone stared at Buresvet. "This can not be true, — whispered they, — is that really he?", "Hero of the Fog Wood battle...!" "Please help us!" — a little girl suddenly shouted, she was also tied up along with the others. "Defeat them all! I believe in you! "— She was about six years old. Buresvet weighed the yoke. It was not comfortable to hold it in hand. But Prime swirled in his veins — the long forgotten feeling, and the awareness of his true mission. "If you are a hero, then where is your sword?" — Robbers have recovered from, being shocked and were armed to the teeth with daggers, swords and torches. "The first thing I'm going to get after I will finish here, will be a sword" — Buresvet answered and rushed into the battle.

The old campaigner is ready to go into battle for Prime! Besides solid exclusive talents he also has a third life in addition to his ultimate ability and namely — the legendary Set "Way of the Dragon". This Immortal will service to those Lords who have not visited their possessions for several months.

The build will be put in the first talent tab, all talents that will be located there at this moment will be rearranged into the Library. If the hero was not hired by the Lord or his level won't be enough for legendary talent equipment, the hero will appear in the castle and be of the level 16.

We would like to emphasize once again that during last 2 months our active players have scored a way more gifts, so there is no reason to be envious to those who are late to this holidays. Let them also enjoy the taste of summer and make you a worthy company on the Battlefields of Praia. The more of us are there — the more fun will you receive from playing!

The heroes will start to enter the possession of our lords and ladies tomorrow and within a few days will reach all of them. Be prepared to greet them cordially, because next week you will need them absolutely!

Week of swords!

The return of such heroes could not go unnoticed. We proclaim the week of swords in Praia!

  • Task: From  July 8th till July 15th  shall derive a win with the hero Highlander / Immortal in the Borderlands (the task won’t be repeated)
    Reward: 20 Prime crystals
  • Take a part at contests on our forum! First of them will start tomorrow!


Of course surprises do not end at this point! Starting tomorrow you will get a talent from the legendary set "Unstable Defense" every third day, these talents perfectly fit Immortal, as well as other heroes, such as Wanderer or Duelist / Prince of Thieves.

The Summer is not over yet!

Your Prime World Team