Action in the Talentforge / Talent Garden!

01 July 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Only during the first summer month your libraries were filled up with legendary talents and garrisons with new heroes thank to the summer magic.

This can be easily explained - hot summer in Praia is a symbol of the unprecedented generosity and wonderful events!

Summer mood has influenced even strict forgers so that they are ready to reforge talents at big discounts!

Action in the Talentforge/Talent Garden!

For three days, till 9:00 UTC on July 4th - the production of legendary talents is 30% cheaper! Of course, talents which were already produced in the past also can`t simply collect dust on the shelves so it will be almost 50% cheaper to reforge them into new ones!

  • Production to a legendary talent from an exclusive - 7 legendary crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of a legendary talent into a legendary - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8
  • Reforge of an exclusive talent into an exclusive - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of an unique talent into an exclusive - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12.

Don't miss this opportunity to refresh the talents of your favorite heroes!

While the forgers are working hard - Luna protects the castle walls! We would also like to remind you, that since yesterday Luna is available for silver for all the Lords and Ladies with castle level 25 and higher!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the game!

Your Prime World Team