Punishment system improvements

30 June 2016

Lords and Ladies!

As we have announced previously, the Patch 10.10 will be mainly dedicated to the punishment system improvements in order to act against players who demonstrate unsportsmanlike conduct by insulting their allies or opponents.

The anti-leaver system “Deserter”

At the beginning of our story about upcoming changes we would like to remind you of what has already been implemented in the game. One of the punishment system pillars is the deserter system. It is realized in the following manner, a player gets special points for behaving himself in an unsportsmanlike way. After a player has got a certain amount of points, he will be marked with the deserter status.

Deserter points will be applied in the following cases:

  • An often fleeing from battle without returning back, regardless the reasons.
  • If a player advisedly spoils the fun of playing from the other ( "feeds", makes scrolls only for himself, doesn`t make any assists or kill any enemy heroes). If after a battle a player will get more than 2 Reports, he will receive deserter points.

Following limitations are put in place for deserters:

  • Battle reward is reduced more than by half;
  • Additional game modes won't be available;
  • Chat block.

The only way to get rid of this status is to play battles to completion in Borderlands with other players.

Report system changes

Reports are the second important pillar of the current punishment system.

For now each player has three reports per 24 hours. Originally this number was chosen in order our players could entitle the degree of discomfort that other players could inflict and not to waste reports were not in vain.

But to our regret, sometimes there could appear a situation where a player who has shown his bad side walked out of the Battle unpunished because his allies or opponents just had no reports.

According to your requests and in order to prevent violators from staying unpunished we are changing the number of reports, as well as add some improvements to this system.

  • At the beginning of each battle you will have 2 reports what will allows you to complain about two players accordingly. Regardless of how many fights you will do within 24 hours, the number of reports at the beginning of each battle will always be two.
  • After all, in the castle (for example in order to complain about someone who offends others in the world or private chat) there will be still three reports per 24 hours.
  • In addition, reporting a player will automatically set him on the ignore list.

Automated chat block

As we increase the number of reports, automated chat block will also be introduced.

The system will only trigger if a player was reported at least two times for insulting at the end of the battle session. Of course, the system will not only take reports into consideration but also player`s behavior itself. This was done in order to eliminate situations when users have simply decided to avoid "unwanted” players in such a way.

Time of the chat block with help of this system will always be 24 hours.


Shorter penalties time

At the end of our story about the punishment system we would like to tell you more about the time penalties reduction while in the pre-match lobby.

On the one hand we have introduced the pre-match lobby to our players in order to stimulate them to negotiate with each other and thus determine the tactics in advance.

Penalties for dodging the preparation window have stimulated players to find a common language while selecting heroes and their role during a battle, instead of rejecting battles because of not always objective reasons.

But the increasing punishment often lead to some players have found it for more "interesting”, to go with a weaker hero in the battle, even without trying to win and to steel the fun of playing from other users.

In this context, we cancel the increasing penalty in the preparation window. After installation of the Patch 10.10 it will always be 5 minutes.

We wish you all the best!

Your Prime World Team