Results of the voting!

28 June 2016

Frends of Praia!

We went together through thick and thin, through voting and gathering of your opinions, so now the rebalance of the hero Inventor is finally finished!

The last stage - the voting - is over. Variant "None of the above." was selected least of all, according to the survey on our forum it took 21% of the total number of participants. Variant which was based on our players opinion took 28% of the votes. Therefore, the variant of the Rebalance of the developer team has won with 57%.

This way, the variant which has been provided by our development team was chosen as the final one. In addition, it can be said that while we were thinking on this variant, we`ve took into account your most popular suggestions, although the rebalance wasn't completely based on them.

How exactly will the hero be changed?

  • There is no animation to place the Turrets and Vita-Generators; That was one of the first and most popular suggestions for the rebalance. So it was included in both variants.
  • The passive skill will not only increase the speed also the strength damage of the hero; In order to strengthen both of the heroes builds for intelligence and strength equally as possible, we have decided to correct his ultimate a little bit. Now, while losing the components, the hero's movement speed will be increased for each missing element. Once the changes come into force, besides the improvement of the movement speed the Inventor will get a surplus to his damage!
  • Bomb flight speed will be increased; It will now be easier to hit the enemy hero with the bomb, which will also allow the Inventor with a strength build to feel himself comfortable during the battle on the line!
  • Ultimate capacity is reduced, thereby the total damage remains unchanged, but the price in components will be increased. In addition, the hero won't be immune to the control effects. This way, the damage per one second will be increased, which will give the Inventor and his allies more flexibility in the positioning and initiation of mass fights. In it’s turn, the increase of the ability cost in components per second the player will think about whether to use the ultimate ability on the line or in a mass fight.

At this point we want to announce our cooperative rebalance as completed. All changes will come into force in our next update, which will be installed already in July!

Thank you for your active participation! Onwards to new victories!

Your Prime World Team