Event on the Fair!

24 June 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Along with the patch 10.9.1 Luna wasn't the only one wonder which happened in Praia. The power of stars has also enlightened all heroes without any exception!

Action on the Fair!

In our, last patch we have fundamentally revised the requirements for the hero level, which have determined talents of what quality can be equipped on the hero of one or another level. In honor of this change, for three days until 9:00 (UTC) on June 27th, there will be a wide range of choice in the Fair!

  • All three legendary sets will be available on the Fair! As you can remember, the set "Birth of a Legend" has been removed from the assortment in order to make it easier to collect new sets. But it will be available on the counters again during these three days.
  • Legendary talents x2! This means that the chance of finding a necessary legendary talent is also increased by 2!
  • Exclusive talents x2!
  • Selected fields remain permanently!
  • The assortment renewal is twice as cheap!

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the chance of Jackpot has been reduced by 2 times. This was made due to its "ordinary" and not its event prize already implicates the cost of resources spend on the assortment renewal, which is again compensated by the 2 times cheaper price of the renewal during this offer.

By the way, the offer “3 Prime crystals for 1 gold”, was deleted from the assortment, in order not to overload the payment server.

Make your builds as colorful as ever!

Your Prime World Team