Choose the best variant!

24 June 2016

Friends of Praia!

We have recently published the best variant to rebalance the hero Inventor, which was made up of the most popular suggestions of our players. We would also like to remind you that initially the goal of our experiment was to implement the most popular ideas.

Unfortunately, the preview of rebalancing has triggered some concerns and even criticism, which we couldn't ignore. In view of this to perform a Rebalance, we decided to presenting a variant from the developer. The variants are designed to inspire the majority of players, even if we know that we can’t provide every single player content. We encourage you to use your chance again to vote in our forum for the best variant which you would like to see in the game, so that we could implement it already in one of our next updates!

1. Rebalance due to the best suggestions from our players:


  • There is no animation to place the Turrets and Vita-Generators;
  • Base health of Turrets and Vita-Generators will be increased for more than two times;
  • Bomb flight speed will be increased;
  • Acceleration given by the passive ability will last a little bit longer;
  • Hero will be immune to the control effects while applying his ultimate ability.

2. Rebalance of the development team:


  • There is no animation to place the Turrets and Vita-Generators;
  • The passive skill will not only increase the speed and also the strength damage of the hero;
  • Bomb flight speed will be increased;
  • Ultimate capacity is reduced, thereby the total damage remains unchanged, but the price in components will be increased. In addition, the hero won't be immune to the control effects.

3. You didn't like any variant?

To make the voting fair as possible, we want to introduce you a variant of the answer for those players who abstain from voting. This may mean that none of the arguments described above corresponds with your ideas about the changes or you think that there is no need to make him stronger, but we should weaken him on the contrary, or you are just satisfied with the current balance.

Vote for the variant which you like best in our forums! Voting is available until and including 27th June!

Your Prime World Team