Rebalancing of the hero Inventor is coming soon!

22 June 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Recently we have arranged an interesting experiment - rebalancing of the hero Inventor according to the wishes of our players!

We have gathered your opinions and suggestions regarding this topic on our forums, as well as in other social media platforms within two weeks. On the whole, we got a lot of valuable feedback.

After the experiment was over, we have analyzed it and selected the most popular proposals:

  • Abandon the animation of setting down the Turrets and Vita-Generators.
  • Make the hero immune to control effects while using his ultimate.
  • Make the mechanisms more long-lasting.

In deference to these proposals we have prepared the following list of changes:

  • Animation of setting down the Turrets and Vita-Generators will no longer be played;
  • Base health of Turrets and Vita-Generators will be increased for more than two times;
  • Bomb flight speed will be increased;
  • Acceleration given by the passive ability will last a little bit longer;;
  • Hero will be immune to the control effects while applying his ultimate ability.

These changes will be added to the game in one of our next updates - in this way we all will be able to test the hero, which was balanced with your direct participation very soon. Moreover, it is also possible that if this experiment proves successful, it will not be the last one where our players have influenced the balance!

Thank you for your active participation! Stay tuned!

Your Prime World Team