Heroes and their legends!

09 June 2016

Friends of Praia!

A summer full of surprises continues in Praia.

Legendary talents as a gift!

From 13:00 (UTC) on June 10th and till the end of summer - receive free legendary talents for visiting your castle!

Every third day you will get a legendary talent from the first set "Birth of a Legend". But there is one condition, it should be collected within 24 hours. If you will do this regularly, it is possible to fully equip several Heroes!

Don't miss the opportunity to provide your Heroes with legendary builds during this hot summer!

Hire Heroes for free!

In addition, during the whole summer time, one time a week the price on one of the Heroes will be lowered under the minimum mark and be only 1 silver! Already today our winged Hero Defender/Guardian will launch this offer. Explore the sky together with her!

Furthermore, free Heroes will be changed every Thursday until the summertime ends. This means you will be able to hire a Hero for a minimal price every week! Updated information about heroes for 1 silver can be found here.

Make your army grow!

Your Prime World Team