More summer surprises!

08 June 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Summer is always a very special period. This is the time when you can relax and enjoy your life, time with a lot of warm sunshine. Many things change in summer and Praia is not an exception!

Equip exclusive talents already from the 1st Hero level!

We want to share with you some details about the upcoming first update of this summer - 10.9.1 (but details about our new Hero will still stay a mystery!).

After installation of the new update it will be easier to create a desired build, because of lower Hero level requirements for using exclusive and legendary talents!

The previous limitation was justified because it could lead to an imbalance between players. Now it has also become easier to obtain orange talents - minimum 1 orange for the first victory of the day, 2 talents for 1 Prime crystal in the Talentforge / Talent Garden... All in all, it will be much easier for our newcomers to enrich supplies of exclusive talents!

Moreover, we also lower the requirements for using legendary talents - they equipped starting from 15th Level of the Hero now!

  • Exclusive talents from 1st Level of the Hero.
  • Legendary talents from 15th Level of the Hero.

Be ready! The update 10.9.1 will appear in Praia very soon!

Changes in rewards for daily quests!

In addition, we would like to tell you more about valuable legendary crystals!

Since legendary talents and crystals were added to the game, we have constantly taken your opinions into account and adapted gathering of legendary crystals as possible to each class of our players. But that also shouldn't be too easy to get them, in order not to retain the exclusivity of the most desired content in the game.

Today you can get legendary crystals for completing daily quests or exchange them for Prime crystals in the Fair.

But now you can only get legendary crystals at the end of the whole quest, as a reward for the third stage. We have decided to make something pleasant for you and therefore starting from tomorrow you will receive legendary crystals already for the first stage of the quest!

In such a manner, this is how the reward for each stage of daily quests will look like:

  • Red crystals for the first stage
  • Resources for the second stage
  • Prime crystals for the third stage

We want also to remind you that our "big" quests are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, these quests aren't divided into stages. They remain unchanged - as usual you will receive 3 and 5 legendary crystals for completing the Wednesdays and Saturdays quests accordingly.

These are still not all the surprises that await us this summer. Stay tuned!

Your Prime World Team