Stunning phenomenon!

07 June 2016

Lords and Ladies!

For a long time scientific researches have been performed in the observatory "Dokta" regarding the distortion of time and space happening all around.

Dokth alchemists and adornian astrologers, as well as many scientists from all around Praia have gathered together in the observatory in order to study this phenomenon and to find out how to use it for the benefit of praian inhabitants.

Today they have finally managed to partially decode the ancient diary of one of the greatest astrologers of the past:


"I finally made it ... This is unbelievable! The energy field interferes with the lightest vibrations of Prime in a very specific manner. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life before!

It seems like this radiance brings everything it touches to a standstill...”

A word which means this phenomenon and probably holds the secret of its occurrence, was written on a long-forgotten language. Only one is clear - the first and the last letter of this word are consonants and are alike.


We suggest you guessing how this amazing phenomenon is called. A player who will be the first to name the correct variant, will get our new Hero (whose skills are connected with the phenomenon described above!) on the day of its release for free!

3 other participants, whose variants will be very close to the correct one, will get 50 gold and 50 Prime crystals! Leave your variants in the comments to this announcement.

Have fun!

Your Prime World Team