UPD: Football skins have found their managers!

31 May 2016

Lords and Ladies!

For about a week ago we have announced a lottery where everyone could participate after filling up his account on any sum and get a chance to win one of 15 exclusive football skins, moreover we have arranged a raffle on our Facebook page, where our players had to share a post and could get one of 10 exclusive football skins for free.

Now we would like to unveil our winners!

Lottery winners!




Basic Hero: Amazon / Archer
Skin Features: New voiceover

  • [-McG-] -Vanity-
  • Dehimos
  • [-FW-] Finntroll89
  • [R_I_P] AnTii
  • [H-T] yasin D



Basic Hero: Prince of Thieves / Duelist
Skin Features: New voiceover

  • [OSMElgringoD
  • Hello Kitty x
  • AbduLRezzaKBinBerraK
  • [RKSneakysneaky
  • [xoxoPichu



Basic Hero: Ha'ka / Da'ka
Skin Features: New voiceover

  • canbanur
  • Ekrem Koçyiğit
  • [-NK-] Lexot
  • [R_I_P] I3lackI3east
  • Knight Ken

Winners were chosen randomly.


Raffle on our Facebook page

To our regret we aren’t ready to announce the winners of the raffle on our Facebook page yet. Due privacy settings not all of our participants who shared the post appeared in the list.

This could happen because the post wasn't shared publicly and its audience was restricted with shoving only to “Friends”, “Only Me” etc.

We are sorry for this little delay! We couldn’t solve this problem in cooperation with the Facebook Support Team, so we would like to ask all of our participants to send us links to the post you've shared in your timeline as a private message to our Facebook page.

In case the access to the post will be prohibited, our community manager will send you a friend request in order to be able to verify this information.

After that we will establish a raffle and update this post with the names of our winners.

Results of the raffle on our Facebook page

Dear nobles!

We would like to finally announce winners of our football skins raffle on Facebook! Please find the results on our Facebook page.


Your Prime World Team