Extended Black Friday offer!

30 May 2016

Lords und Ladies!

Black Friday will last in Praia a little longer and namely till 9:00 UTC on June 1st!

Legendary wealth of choice 2 days longer!

We would like to remind you that the renewal of the assortment is nearly free and is worth only 1 silver, selected fields remain permanently and can be renewed indefinitely!

This way, everyone can renew the assortment until he finds exactly the necessary items! Please note that offers "40 000 resources" and "10 000 silver for resources" were also removed from the Fair in order to prevent the boosts based on the difference of exchange rates of resources.

Initially, the price of some items refers among other things to Prime crystals, which you may need for the assortment renewal, therefore these positions were abolished while the renewal costs only 1 silver.

Find out more about other changes here.

Your Prime World Team