Time to choose legendary talents!

24 May 2016

Lords and Ladies!

There are hours left until the installation of Patch 10.9! The countdown has been started and therefore we are hurrying to present you the last preview in succession, but not in order of importance.

New legends!

Dear friends, with the Patch 10.9 a new, third set of legendary talents — «Legendary Heritage» — will appear in your castles. Just as the second set of legendary talents it is composed of 5 subsets, with one active and several passive, strengthening talents, moreover one of the subsets will have a completely new mechanics!


Though the Patch 10.9 is almost here, we won't tell you about all the talents form the set "Legendary Heritage" in this announcement in details, but we`ll have a closer look at the most unique subset. Using this subset can make every player be a baker, who bakes the freshest pies in Praia!

Yes, exactly, this isn't a mistake, a Hero who will add those talents to his build will receive pies after buying any items in the Shop of the Touched.

The pies differ in their appearance, and of course in their effects. This magic bake will allow you to restore health, energy, additionally speed up your Hero or detach from a negative effect!


Magic of choice!

Legendary changes will be noticeable not only on the battlefields! One of the most significant innovations in Patch 10.9 will be the possibility to select a necessary set of legendary talents in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden.

At first we thought about adding this possibility only after the release of a fourth red set, but your feedback influenced our decision a lot, so we've decided to introduce this feature to the game earlier!

More beautiful changes expect you in Praia today!

Your Prime World Team