Аbandoning account merge system

17 May 2016

Lords und Ladies!

The update is 10.9 very appear in Praia. We would like to announce to you what all awaits us in the near future! One of the peculiarities of the update 10.9, through which we want to communicate to you in the first place and in advance is the impossibility to combine the accounts, and change the current system of Anschließung additional authorization methods.

Now the connection process proceeds in a following way:

  • A player logs into his account on the official website or in the launcher.
  • Presses on the connection of button of a social network or e-mail.
  • After this a page from a social network or e-mail are added as an additional authorization method accordingly to his account.

After 10.9 installation, this operation will be a bit more complicated - after you've pressed the connection button, you will have to enter both login and password twice for both the main and the additional authorization method. This change aims to increase the accounts security level.

Because of a lot of difficulties and frequent cases of gaining personal benefit through merging of two game accounts, we have decided to abandon the possibility to merge accounts.

This will allow to avoid a number of mistakes and significantly increase the security level of the accounts and protect our players from merging the accounts incorrectly or accidentally. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the game rules regarding "twink accounts" will be tough up which is again connected with the frequent cases of gaining personal benefit during the game.

Previously, we've recommended to use "twinks" only not for generating personal benefit in the game because it was clear to us that in the strict distribution of the fractions it might be interesting for our players to try playing for another fraction. But now, with regard to the fact that the whole content is available for any fraction - we will harden the rules relating to the registration and development of "twink accounts".

If you have have thought about merging two accounts for a long time, please do it before the patch 10.9 will be installed on our game server, because after that it will be no longer possible.

Please attend!

Your Prime World Team