For your faith!

06 May 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Today we want to distinguish our veterans, who went through fire and water and are still faithful to our project.

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your faith!

Today we want to reward you for a lot of tough fights and fascinating victories which you have made on the battlefields of Praia.

With gratitude, we hand over valuable gifts to our players whose accounts were registered in the game until and including the 1st of May 2014 and remain active till today!

The hardened skin!

This skin is unique. You won't get it in any other way, neither for the merits to the project, not for victories in the contests or tournaments. This skin is especially for the veterans of Praia!


Base Hero: Duelist/Prince of Thieves


5 white runes!

White Runes are one of the most desired and valuable prizes in Praia. Namely, since these runes allow to unbind any talent! We have decided that some of these could be useful for our proven warriors, who has collected a lot of different things in the game during these years.

! Please note. The gifts were already given out. In case your registration date fits under the date mentioned above but you haven`t received the rewards, please contact our support team !

Thank you for staying with us!

Your Prime World Team