May events in Praia - let`s get started!

29 April 2016

Lords und Ladies!

You can already feel warmth of the sun rays which means that the warmest spring month — May — is almost here! Apart from the heat and the anticipation of the upcoming summer, this month will also bring us a lot of wonderful events. This way you’ll have plenty of time to relax with your favorite Heroes in Prime World!

Golden Age for free!

All players who will enter the game till 9:00 (UTC) on May 11th will get 3 days of Golden Age!

The giveaway will be established in a way that most of you are already familiar with — a quest chain will appear in your castles, where you will be able to exchange 1 unit food for 3 days of Golden Age at any time till 9:00 (UTC) on May 11th.

More experience and resources in battles!

Get twice as much experience, resources and talents for each battle till 9:00 (UTC) on May 11th!

Please note that the doubled experience and other bonuses will be summed with the Golden Age - with this active, Heroes will receive 4 times more experience, resources and talents for every battle!

«Hot May Days!»

Apart from that, there will be also a quest chain in your castles — "Hot May Days!" — with very interesting rewards!

  • For the first quest you can get 10 talents effective for upgrade.

  • The winner of the second quest will receive 10 Prime crystals.

  • The third quest will fill up your Library with 2 random exclusive talents.

  • The fourth quest enriches your supplies with 30.000 Silver.

  • For the fifth quest you will get 20 Prime crystals.

  • The sixth quest will enrich your Library with 4 random exclusive talents.

  • The last, seventh Quest will reward you with 5 legendary crystals!


The first quest is already available in your castles. The next tasks will appear on a daily base. All the quests will be available for completing till 9:00 (UTC) on May 6th.

Your Prime World Team