Interview with illuminat-

26 April 2016

" If you are are going to do something, make sure to do it with style and you have fun while doing it."
"Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake."
"Know your hero's strong points and weak points."


Lords and Ladies!

Today we want to introduce you one of our active community members and high skilled players. He also won the Guide Match Event - our small 1vs1 tournament within the English locale - Among others, who also took part - Oussamat, Maoud, yerpy and Eserine. This interview will provide you with useful tips about participating in 1vs1 tournaments as well as highlight some moments of the event.


Hello illuminat- ! First of all congratulations on winning the tournament. Did you enjoy the event?

illuminat-: Definitely, I always like participating in community events. It is really nice to compete with other players in a balanced environment (everyone having access to the same talents, heroes etc.)


Did you like the 1v1 format?

illuminat-: I wanted to have this type of tournament for more than 1 year, so I can say that Nival did a good job by providing it to the community :). It is the best format to show one's individual skills and it is the most appropriate choice for the non-RU community.


Was there a matchup that you enjoyed the most?

illuminat-: Probably the game against wanderer, it was really interesting to see the power of a strength fox against such a powerful tank and counter hero at the same time.


Would you like to have a similar event in the future?

illuminat-: It would be very nice to have this kind of events on regular basis but with more players. For me (and I think for everyone else as well) it is more exciting when there are more people competing.


Who do you think is the best hero for a 1vs1 and why?

illuminat-: To be honest I don't think there is a hero that can overcome all the other heroes in 1v1. Maybe a little overpowered in 1v1 is S.Putnik. Perhaps a skilled Turehu (after lvl 9) or Mimi (because he can keep his prime high by farming and will be able to push faster) can overcome him.


Are there any Talents that you need in every 1vs1?

illuminat-: I would probably go for the Deathtouch set or at least 2 talents (tier 2 and tier 4 - touch of superiority) on every AA hero, it is by far the most powerful set on this class of heroes. The blink set is nice for a few support gang-ers like Piper, Nymph and the defense set for the tanks and a few of the vanguards (prince, shogun).


What are the nuances of playing 1vs1? What do you need to keep in mind when preparing for a 1vs1?

Heroes: Know your hero's strong points and weak points. You have to know the enemy hero very well, his skills, if the flag provides him with an advantage early game, even his cooldowns if you can. "Know your enemy better than you know yourself".
Build: Having a clickable talent that does massive damage in early-mid game (punisher's path, ritual extermination) can only be helpful if you think you have the chance of getting a kill in early game, if not, better invest in stats and take maybe agile mind which can do wonders either in going for a kill or avoiding one :).
Strategy: Last hit last hit last hit! It is very important to farm well and to protect the tower at the same time. Do not let the enemy creeps hit it with each wave as you will lose it and that can put the enemy hero on a prime advantage that maybe you won't be able to recover from. Try to lure the waves of creeps on the opposite side of the tower making them take more time (and lose some of the creeps on the way) to reach the tower. While last hitting, try to harass the enemy hero (1 hit from time to time), this will be helpful when trying to go for a kill.


What would be your #1 Tip for winning a 1vs1 lane?

illuminat-: Concentrate on last hits and when preparing to go for a kill make sure you have a strategy in mind. Sometimes it’s better to play safe and wait for the enemy to be in a vulnerable position, take your time, "Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake" (Sun Tzu agrees).


Who is your favourite hero in the game and why?

illuminat-: Hard to say that I have a favourite hero but I can specify a few that I like playing: Immortal, Haka, Sesha, Prince, Amazon, Shogun.


What is the fastest way to understand the mechanics of Prime World?

illuminat-: Playing regularly and watch / listen to better, experienced players. Read their guides. Practice will make you a master!


Is there anything that you would like to add at the end?

illuminat-: Many things but I will try to keep it simple. Congratulations for organizing the tournament and the other events.


We want to thank illuminat- for answering our questions. We enjoyed your responses and we are sure the community did as well. We are looking forward to have more participants in events like this one!