Interview with yerpy!

21 April 2016

"Team play - React, farm, be polite!"
"Open your eyes and see - life's too short to look back."
"Remember, no one can copy your skill!"


Lords and Ladies!

Currently one of the highest ranked players of the entire english community, yerpy shows to be an open minded player with a big desire to help new and upcoming players. This interview highlights his interesting ideas and his gamer philosophy.


How did you find out about Prime World?

yerpy: I found the information about Prime World on Steam, was looking for a good game, for something new that I haven`t tried yet.


For how long have you been playing Prime World now?

yerpy: Since October 2013, so it will be 2 years and 6 months.


What is your favourite faction and why?

yerpy: Hmm, that's a tough question! I always have been playing on the Imperium side. If you would imagine the axis which have extreme points, at the left I would put Imperium and at the right Keepers. After every win I am moving forward to subdue the red power in glory of the Imperium!


Who is your favourite hero in the game and why?

yerpy: Of course it is Maiden! My highest rated hero at the moment. Her skills make her a perfect teammate. Already made guide for her, read it through and try out the tactics on the battlefields of Praia!


What aspect of Prime World do you like the most?

yerpy: Talents! That is pretty amazing stuff, we are addicted to that :D. Choose the best set up for your personal playstyle and improve them, they are worth it! Every one will follow you, trying to copy, but remember - No one can not copy your skill!


What is the maximal rating of your heroes? What is the average rating of your heroes?

yerpy: I spend most of my time in the world of Praia in the high ranked games. It's hard to say how much Generals I have, right now I would say there are about 10, but I could easily have +20. It depends on which hero I would like to play. My Pony is 2400 (was 2467), but after some changes, the playstyle for her should also be changed, so now she is waiting for a return :). We are always looking for good EN speaking people, to make a full party and face the best groups of RU community! Almost always playing solo or with some friends, getting +31 heroes alone to +2000 rating is really nice. My skill is on Sensei level. If I will push one very good hero, maybe I could achieve that. Well we`ll see! :D My average rating of all the heroes is about 2050.


How long did it took you to reach those ratings?

yerpy: After the merge of the RU and EN server I have learned a lot from RU players. It was quite fast when i made my first general hero! If I am not mistaken, it was Shadow. I don't remember what time it was and how long it took. Everyone who remember that event, should easily count it!


What helped you the most with increasing your rating?

yerpy: Really good knowledge of the game mechanics, especially everything about heroes, their skills, possible moves. Being able to predict what people can do on which hero is really useful. Also playing with friends is always very helpful, even if against bots, but just having fun with them and learn from each other! :)


How does the understanding of the game mechanics help you while playing?

yerpy: Knowledge and understanding of the game mechanics can help you with predicting your enemy’s moves. Fast counting damage can give you advantage on line 1 vs 1. Smart moves, doing last hits. That is what everyone needs.


What is the fastest way to understand the mechanics of Prime World?

yerpy: Playing regularly and watch / listen to better, experienced players. Read their guides. Practice will make you a master!


Where does your skill come from - natural talent? What have you played before Prime World?

yerpy: I think that is my natural talent. I didn't play another MOBA before Prime World.


In your opinion, which is the most important skill a player needs to succeed in Prime World?

yerpy: Prime World is based on farm. Also very important is to watch the map and to try to get as many last hits as you can and meanwhile the spawn on line going to the jungle for some extra points. In one sentence - team play! React, farm, be polite!


Do you know and play with other top players from EN locale?

yerpy: Yes, We are trying to keep together. At the morning I play with Toodle, because of time differences, later I try to catch illuminat- and Najaegal, and from time to time some other friends to enjoy the time with them!


Do you have a clan? Are you looking for players?

yerpy: Yes, I do have clan! It`s called xoxo, one of the oldest english clans. Not many players are still active, but I believe one day they will return back! Everyone is welcome here! If you wanna play some games, or have stable "accommodation", learn some skills - this clan is perfect for you!


What would you advise our new players?

yerpy: Last hits, farming the forest, etc. Everything is included in my guide! Stay strong, not give up and fight for EN community! I believe in everyone, we have to show RU community our strength! Find other people with same skill and group up with them. Remember, even if you won't find friends from EN community, just try to get in contact with RU community.


Tell us a bit about yourself. What are you interests outside of Prime World?

yerpy: Traveling! That is what I love! Already have my "plans" for a trip to Asia (Japan). I have been in the USA for 5-6 months, met a lot of amazing people from all over the world. Traveling across countries, visiting warm and in the same time very cold places, hold the life in my own hands - that is what I like to do. Our life's big adventure and only we are able to say how big it can be! I love pets. Right now I have special race of rabbit, long hair German Shepherd and British cat :D ! Sport has plays a big role in my life, training a lot of disciplines which shape my personality. I love playing computer games, doing my best to be the best, as well as I did in the sport - before some changes in my life. In June I’m going to graduate, my first step at university for IT specialist - programming stuff. Think that's my short cut about what I am doing, what I love. Hope one day we can meet each other taking part in a Prime World tournament!


We want to thank yerpy for answering our questions. We enjoyed your responses and we are sure the community did as well. We are looking forward to see more players taking the hights of Prime World by storm!