Interview with Toodle!

20 April 2016

"I will adapt and become even better!"
"You can lead a horse to water, but you can`t make it drink."


Lords and Ladies!

One of our highest rated players in the english community. He is experienced and dedicated. We wanted to shed some light on his way up the standings and sat down with him for a short interview.


How did you find out about Prime World?

Toodle: A friend told me to to download a new game on steam called Prime World, I tried it and fell in love with the game.


For how long have you been playing Prime World now?

Toodle: I play Prime World for about 2 years now.


What is your favorite faction and why?

Toodle: Not applicable, I play to win, not to worry about factions. ;)


Who is your favourite hero in the game and why?

Toodle: I enjoy playing Intellect Assassin most of all!


What aspect of Prime World do you like the most?

Toodle: I like the end game combat system, high rated matches are very interesting and require you to adapt to every situation, 5v5 games past 2400 rating keep you on the edge!


What is the maximal rating of your heroes? What is the average rating of your heroes?

Toodle: I have 2 Sensei's, Shadow/Whisp 2533 rating and Maiden/Nymph 2500 rating.


How long did it took you to reach those ratings?

Toodle: It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears... Maiden was extremely hard to up to Sensei, especially with the current game meta.


What helped you the most with increasing your rating?

Toodle: Playing with a party of competent players. Everyone has the skill to play this game, but most people choose not to learn or change and try to be better. Also playing with my good friend yerpy, queuing duo will help you a lot when you can communicate with another player on your team, duo is fine to get your heroes up to 2200+ (General) once you understand the game mechanics.


How does the understanding of the game mechanics help you while playing?

Toodle: This is the most important factor, understanding the game mechanics will mean win / lose in most situations... When to fight, how to position yourself, when not to fight, when to harass, when to back, when to ward, where to ward, when to take gold packs, when to push tower, when to dive tower, when to push main building, when to kill dragon, when to use eye's, how to keep your prime high while jungling, when to gank, when to leave your lane... There are so many mechanics, which you must learn and master if you wish to up the rating of your heroes and compete with the top players.


What is the fastest way to understand the mechanics of Prime World?

Toodle: Learn from others. If your current playstyle does not get you past 1800, group up with a friend, or a higher rated player and learn from them. Understand the mechanics.


Where does your skill come from - natural talent? What have you played before Prime World?

Toodle: I played World of Warcraft for 6 years before i started playing Prime World. I am a very fast learner, so understanding all the game mechanics and heroes is very important. Also some is skill + determination to be the best, every game i play i always push to be #1, and I will always change if i am not, I will adapt and become a better player.


In your opinion, which is the most important skill a player needs to succeed in Prime World?

Toodle: Understanding game mechanics and playstyle for different heroes.


Do you know and play with other top players from EN locale?

Toodle: yerpy and I play every day and are great friends, although sometimes we like to yell at each other, we always push each other to be the best players we can be, I’m always learning through him and he is always learning through me.


Do you have a clan? Are you looking for players?

Toodle: I'm currently in a Russian clan Keepo, I play with a couple players from this clan. I was talking with yerpy and we are maybe considering starting an english clan, to help other people from the english community, So if you're interested and are willing to listen, learn and adapt your playstyle, then add me ingame (Toodle) and send me a message, and maybe we will go through with it.


What would you advise our new players?

Toodle: Don't lose last hits on lane, Prime is everything.


At this point we want to thank Toodle for answering our questions and sharing a lot of advice with the community!

Later this week we will have another interview with a very open minded player, whose enjoyment for the game is inspiring. Stay tuned!