Conjuress is here!

14 April 2016

It was the first warm spring night. Ans sat on a small hill not far from the entrance to the mine. It had been a tough week - in a distant tunnel happened a slippage and the access to a rich opal source was lost. Thank God that no one was injured. The fresh air acts exhilarating, after spending a lot of time underground in the mine. From somewhere in the distance was heard a loud laughter and jingle - maybe there is a celebration in the city. Ans has lied down on the hill and closed his eyes. He dozed and in his dream it seemed to him as if the jingle was getting closer and closer. Few drops felt on his arm and woke him up. When he opened his eyes he realized that the strange noises and laughing female voice came not from the city, but from the mine! Strong curiosity prevailed him and he couldn`t stop following this loud laughter.

As he walked through the mine, he didn`t notice how he reached the slippage place, but everything was different here, as if nothing has happened! Ans rubbed his eyes and even pinched his hand, because he simply couldn't believe his own eyes. There were no rocks around, there was no crack, which he will definitely see in his nightmares again. All he saw was a lot of shadows on the walls ... and a woman. Long black hair, green eyes ... she danced with Prime and shades in the middle of the tunnel. It seemed as if she was calling somebody, but her attempts failed and no one came to her. Where the shadows mingled with Prime it seemed like they were almost embodying and it only lacked a little for them to became alive.

Ans couldn't stop watching the dance and made a step forward, right into a trap. A hardly visible net held him motionless.

He could only stare at the woman and feel how he was losing his will and his mind with every single minute.

The dance ended. The woman looked at him smiling but didn`t even attempt to set him free. There was no doubt that it was her, who had set this trap. Ans felt dizzy, his hands trembled and his thoughts were confused in chaos.

The woman came very close to him and tilted her head. — Tell your Lord, — the woman leaned in closer to him, — that I will come to him at dawn.

Then a bright light flashed. As Ans regained consciousness, he was lying in front of the entrance to the mine. "Was it just a nightmare?" - was his first thought. He struggled to get up on his weak legs, and went into the mine in order to insure that everything that had happened yesterday night wasn't real.

The tunnel was still blocked with stones. "Just a simple nightmare" - came into his head and he could feel the relief. Strange woman. So beautiful. So dangerous.

- Tell to your Lord... - he suddenly heard from the other side of the spillage. He shivered and some smaller stones felt from the top of the spillage. He stayed for some time and listened but he didn't hear the voice again.

Deep in thought, he left the mine - Should he tell this story to someone else? As he left the mine, he felt something in his hand.

A fine hairpin in the form of a demon head, which was masterfully milled from a Prime crystal.

Name: Conjuress
Base hero: Demonologist
Feature: sex change, new voiceove
Price: 99 gold