Up to the sky!

14 April 2016

Keighley sighed heavily. Almost half a year - but finally the day has come...

Standing in the middle of the hall, among the scattered tools, oil puttle, wire, metal and plastic residues aspired a powerful, but surprisingly elegant Mechawyrm. A symbol of dreams of travelling to the sky, a reliable friend and protector.

But even while working hard she could hear the smugglers coming to their hideaway. The rustling of brushwood and their muffled conversations - giving away their presence. The last six months had been quiet, but the Shadow King's people were still pursuing them. Everything has an end. This time she was ready to meet her pursuer face to face.

The talent of a mechanic and a summoner are a rare combination. Keighley smiled sadly. How many different things she had endured already over the duration of her short lifetime? Multiple recruitings, luring deals, intrigues, threats, blackmails...But the Shadow King, King of the smugglers, was the worst of the worst. During their encounter he had almost killed her sister...The girl had ran away from home - because she didn't want her family to get hurt.

Mechawyrm came alive in Keighley's hands. First his eyes started glowing. Then his Kydex wings started flapping. The girl stroked over his composite body with pride and joy.

They appeared on the threshold of their hideaway which was already surrounded by gunmen.

She waved with her hand and grabbed the special handles on the Mechawyrm’s body and...up to the sky! Her creation flew higher and higher, almost a little too fast. The attackers weren't ready for such a turn, so that they didn’t even started shooting. Then it was too late.

Keighley was trying to hide her face from the wind behind the Mechawyrm`s armor. The wind had suddenly become very cold and fierce. She could fully trust him with the control of the flight - she had used Prime and old rituals while creating him, which gave him a humanlike mind.

Unfortunately, she didn't saw the enemy’s preparations on the ground. She didn't notice the net, made of pure Prime flying in their direction. After the trap touched the thin wings of Mechawyrm it caused a critical Prime reaction and at once the evening sky became turquoise blue...

She felt no pain. She was fascinated by the breathtaking turquoise wonder of sparks mixed with shards of finest metal and Prime drops. Keighley was falling down as she watched it. She had always loved the sky.

Mechawyrm stretched out like a string trying to catch the girl but one of his wings was damaged and the loss of Prime, which was so important for its functioning prevented him to develop sufficient speed. At last he was able to slow down their fall a little bit.

Covered by Prime, they fell to the ground. The last thing that Keighley could remember were the approaching men and menacing roar of Mechawyrm.

She regained consciousness in the Lords castle. Mechawyrm...Her creation really had a human mind and soul. Fearing for the girl, he has somehow exceeded all artificial boundaries. He hovered a few centimeters above the floor beside her bed.

That evening they had a long conversation, sitting on the roof of the castle and watching the sun go down. No one knew what they had been talking about. Only one thing was clear, after their conversation - Mechawyrm brought Keighley to an unknown magical place where there were no ordinary people. He, however returned and served as a hero in honor to his Lord.

Name: Mechawyrm
Base hero :Arcane Wyrm/Dragonfly
Feature: new voiceover
Price:: 49 gold