Write a quest text and receive a reward!

05 April 2016

Warriors of Praia!

We announce a permanent literary contest and offer you to become the authors of our daily quest descriptions!

The task is easy: create an interesting description and title of the ingame mission and post it in a special thread on our forum and soon it may appear in the game!


We don't want to set any limits to your imagination, you can write your stories about every Hero, battles against monsters and all possible situations that could happen in Praia.

But please don't forget to keep the story in the context of praian universe. The story shouldn't conflict with the game's lore, which can be found in the news on our official website, in the biographies in the heroes page and in the books about Prime World.

A complete list with guidelines and recommendations can be found in this topic on our forum. Please read them carefully and if you have any, ask questions in this thread.

If the Quest text was aссepted, it will appear as a description of a daily quest in Prime World and the author will be rewarded with 50 prime crystals for each accepted work! Moreover, the nickname of the author will be mentioned in the game!

Write history that will engrave your name in Praia!

Have fun!