Legendary week!

29 March 2016

Lords und Ladies!

After the stormy weather in Praia was over, the sun has begun to shine again and even brighter than before. So the legendary crystals began to shimmer in the sunlight with all the stains of blood red and with what kind of magnificent color the legendary talents were filled!

Scientists who observed this phenomenon called it "the legendary week". According to researches and forecasts, this legendary event will last 6 days!

Legends in the Fair

The merchants didn`t remain idle and thus added valuable talents to their assortment. In their opinion the most popular is the second set of legendary talents. Of course we can understand why they think this way, the set «Legendmakers» with the new sub-set «Fiery Guard» supports the sunny and legendary activity better.

Every day, from 9:00 UTC on March 29th till 9:00 UTC on April 4th, is the exactly right time to collect the new sub-set "Fiery Guard" in the Fair:

  • Chance to get the talents from the second set of legendary talents «Legendmakers» was increased by 4! The new sub-set "Fiery Guard" is a part of this set.
  • Bought fields remain permanently!
  • The assortment renewal costs half the price!

Arm yourself out with the legendary talents!

More legendary crystals!

As we have promised, within the compensation for the missed quests during the technical issues, our players will get more legendary crystals for daily tasks! The reward for the quest on Saturday was also increased!

  • On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday — 2 legendary crystals instead of 1!
  • On Wednesday — 5 legendary crystals instead of 3!
  • On Saturday — 8 legendary crystals instead of 5!

It is exactly the right time to enjoy the sunbeams in Praia and to replenish your supplies of legendary crystals and talents!

Prime World Team