S.Putnik is ready to protect Praia!

26 March 2016

Lords and Ladies!

New Hero — S.Putnik — is ready to defend the borders of your territories. Now we would like to tell you more about him.

Just as it was the case with Mimi, you don't have to increase the castle level to hire him. S.Putnik can be hired under 3 conditions:

  1. For completing a seven-day quest chain, after which you can hire him for 750.000 Silver. The first task is already available in your castle, while the last will appear on April 1st.
  2. To hire him on usual conditions will be available (buying for Silver without completing the quest chain) for all players from 25th castle level and higher starting on April 3rd.
  3. Or hire him now for 299 Gold.

By the way, the Mimi's price was reduced after the appearance of our new Hero till 500 000 Silver and 199 Gold accordingly.

Now we want to tell you more about the talents:

«Exemplary Sniper»

After S.Putnik had applied one of his skills against his enemy, he marks him with an aim that allows him to attack the enemy hero from each range during 4 seconds.

«Frontline Comrade»

A faithful front line comrade follows S.Putnik in every fight, the bear with a nickname - Bear Comrade. Although the bear belongs to the class of beings that are summoned by the heroes, he has a significant difference to those - Bear Comrade is not tied to the hero and thanks to this he can move around the whole map.

On the order of his master, Bear Comrade can attack the specified target, keep an area secured (if an enemy comes along, he will attack him) or together with S.Putnik be like a normal summoned nursling.

After improving to "Weighty Argument" Bear Comrade can stun an opponent by few seconds and mark him with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim.

«Warm Welcome»

The sniper rifle of S.Putnik can not only shoot with usual bullets. In a close range, he can shoot with an everything breaking load, which deals significant damage.

After improving to «Ground's Teeth», these ability not only deals damage, but also decreases the defense of the target.

«Guarding the Borders»

With this talent, S.Putnik can disperse a network of invisible steel traps which will damage enemies after triggering, slow them mark with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim.

Besides the obvious use of steel traps by the defense, they can also be used by attacking the enemies, while limiting their maneuvers and push them closer to their base.

«Aimed Shot»

The ultimate of the Hero allows him after making a short pause to aim to deal an substantial damage to the enemy. The ultimate ability can be used on any distance, if the target was marked with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim before.

After the ability is improved to "Devastation", the ability won't have a cooldown, once you have killed an enemy.


As promised, here is one of the lucky ones, who has completed the task "Bravery, strength and Prime" being the first and will get out new Hero on the day of its release. We are pleased to name the winner:

  • [AXA]FreewayGR

Onwards to the protection of Praia!

Prime World Team