Maintenance has been finished.

26 March 2016

Dear players!

During our today's maintenance we have installed a patch on our game servers, which enables to exclude some of the informations from the RAM memory during the castle loading. This should optimize the castle loading on the computers with lower RAM memory, as well as more powerful PC`s.

Gifts and compensation!


As a compensation for the technical issues, all players will find  3 days of Golden Age  in their castles!

In order to make it more convenient for you, we have decided to establish the compensation giveaway in form of a quest - you can get your compensation at the most convenient time for you till 17:00 UTC on March 28th.

Moreover, all the rewards for the battles will be doubled until 9:00 UTC on March 28th and even quadrupled with an active Golden Age! A lot of resources, crystals and talents already expect our users in the game!

We have also decided to increase the reward for quests on legendary crystals and give 1 legendary crystal more during the next week, from March 28th till April 1st.

This means, that on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday you will get 2 legendary crystals for completing the quest, on Wednesday - 4 legendary crystals!

  • 3 days of Golden Age!
  • doubled rewards for battles, quadrupled with an active Golden Age!
  • +1 legendary crystal for daily quests from March 28th till April 1st!

In order to get the compensation, come to the castle until 17:00 UTC on March 28th.


If you have again problems with the entrance to the castle after maintenance, please create a ticket to our support and apply your castle logs as well as dxdiag files.

! If it did not work to get into the castle for the first time, please free your RAM memory of the other processes and starts Prime World again!

Thanks for staying with us!

Prime World Team