Valuable gifts for filling up the account!

18 March 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Everything has suddenly stopped in Praia, since everyone is waiting when a new hero will come and everyone has a feeling that something extraordinary will happen very soon. The merchants are also able to do extraordinary offers today!

Only during 3 days, from 9:00 UTC on March 18 till 9:00 on March 21st, fill up your account and receive valuable gifts!

About gifts

       Gold coins amount

From 250 to 499 gold

200 Prime crystals
  From 500 to 749 gold

7 days of the Golden Age and 250 Prime crystals

  From 750 to 999 gold 30 days of the Golden Age
  From 1000 gold and more 7 random legendary talents

In order to take part at this offer, fill up your account at once for the amount of gold specified above - with one payment.

Please note! You will receive your deserved gifts not directly after the refill, but till 17:00 UTC on March 22nd!

Prime World Team