New hero is on the way!

18 March 2016

Lords and Ladies!

This week a сourier has brought us some wonderful news! From the southern corners of Praia there is an unexpected guest coming to us - one of the politest heroes: beautiful, athletic and a real comrade-in-arms.

Our pretty Heroines put on their nicest dresses, because every Lady wants to make an impression on the new teammate. The Heroes are on the contrary waiting in anticipation to meet their new allie - by the way, people say that the new hero is always accompanied by his faithful comrade.

Rumors are saying this Hero is a real king of the forest! It's other features are unfortunately not so clearly visible: someone says that he wears a red star, the others that he leaves huge tracks behind him or about his eyes which are glowing with Prime...The opinions agree only on the following point - even if his comrade is traveling alone, he is really dangerous for his opponents!

The castle rulers are nervous - this hero like his own country so much that he can even refuse to serve to a non-patriotic Lord or Lady! And you just can't let this happen!

The Fire Drake and Kitton have hidden themselves in their caves - according to the rumors the hero has very "long hands" - so how could his opponents not to be afraid?

Heroes who have become accustomed to suddenly appear from the forest are providing themselves with Magic Lanterns. A long practice of guerrilla battles lead is not unsongs passed - the long-awaited hero can fight like no other under a cover!

Very soon the new hero will enter the ground of the Primezone and prove his love to Praia but already on the battlefield!


Warriors of Praia! The new hero was born in order to defend his own borders. It pays to prepare yourself for his arrival: to strengthen the fighting spirit, clean the flags and gather some trophies.

Already today, a new chain of daily quests will appear in your castles - "Bravery, strength and Prime"! However, we would like to warn you in advance, this won't be as easy as you might think! However, hurry up, because one player who will complete this chain first, will get the new hero on the day he appears in the game for free!

Gather your trophies, defend your borders and get ready to receive the most courteous of all the heroes and his faithful comrade!

Prime World Team