UPD: Patch 10.8 is getting closer!

12 March 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Our next big patch 10.8 is coming soon! We have already informed you about the matchmaking changes and the rework of towers and soldiers. The subject of today's message is not less interesting. So let's get started!

Rework of Glyphs

Everyone knows that glyphs have a great influence on the game. If the right hero gets the right glyph at an important point of the game it can make a big difference at the end of a minor confrontation or even decide the entire battle. This mechanism is good in it’s essence, because it’s a part of the game’s diversity. But the glyphs are pretty much a matter of chance in the game right now. So we want to add more diversity exactly to this moment.

In Patch 10.8 the random factor of the glyphs is reduced and allows players more control over the glyphs.

These amendments to the glyphs awaits you:

  • With Patch 10.8 glyphs will disappear from the area of the river in Borderlands (and ît`s modifications). But the glyphs will to be obtained by killing the Woodwose, which are located in the "golden" packs of forest monsters. This will reduce the element of chance significantly and allow more tactics and variations in controlling the glyphs on the map.
  • After the death of the glyph carrier, the glyph will persist at the site of the heroes death, so both allies and opponents can pick it up. However, the time of the glyph`s action will be three times shorter, in comparison to the glyph you can obtain from the Woodwose.
  • „Power Glyph“ will only improve the highest of Strength or Intellect, instead of all four characteristics, as it is at the moment.
  • „Haste Glyph“ will give 10% less speed and namely speed up a hero only for 40% instead of 50%.
  • The effectiveness of „Power and Haste Glyphs were changed towards their increased strength in the early game and reduced strength at the late game. The increase will be fixated and depend on the average power of all the heroes in the battle. For example, if the average power in a battle will be about 1400, the glyphs will add 26 points to the characteristics. If the average power in a battle will be about 2500 - 31 points.

What these changes mean for the gameplay:

  • The influence of a random factor in the gameplay is reduced. The winning and controlling glyphs will for the most part depend on players.

  • The glyphs will be located deeper in the territories of each team, what will allows to control them better, even if the enemy has conquered the river.

  • The teams will have to be more coordinated while they are under the effects of glyphs.

  • There will be more important places on the map. The glyphs will be available in four places, which means more tactical maneuvers and positioned fights.

  • A hero, buffed by the effect of the glyph will be a valuable target for the enemy. Because killing a „Glyph carrier“ can completely change the battle to their own advantage.

  • The Power Glyph will offer lower benefits later in the game, but give more benefits in previous game.

  • The "golden" camps of the forest monsters will be more important.

New legendary talent’s sub-set

The currently popular tactics are very aggressive - "double ganks", hard pushing, breaking the enemy defense, the constant moving around with the purpose to catch a lone enemy. The new sub-set was first of all made in order to add some protection against these tactics. «Fiery Guard» will ensure that it’s owner won’t get hurt and warn him about incoming enemies.

Sub-set «Fiery Guard»

Fiery Guard

  • Talent type: legendary;

  • Tier: II;

  • Prime-cost: 500;

  • Cooldown: 120 sec.;

  • Summons a firefly to the indicated point, which creates a zone around itself. The firefly disappears after 120 sec. or when an enemy hero is detected, dealing 140 magical damage to them.

  • Can be upgraded with some talents from the «Legendmakers» talent set.

Bright Flame

  • Talent type: legendary;

  • Tier: I;

  • Prime-cost: 350;

  • Increases Intellect and Strength (whichever is higher) by 4,8;

  • A firefly summoned by the «Fiery Guard» talent, additionally blinds the target for 2,5 sec.

Zealous Flame

  • Talent type: legendary;

  • Tier: III;

  • Prime-cost: 675;

  • Increases Health by 230;

  • Reduces cooldown of the talent «Fiery Guard» by 60 sec.

Smouldering Flame

  • Talent type: legendary;

  • Tier: IV;

  • Prime-cost: 825;

  • Increases Health by 155;

  • Increases Strength by 7;

  • The target of the firefly summoned by the talent «Fiery Guard», cannot hide for 10 sec.

Prophetic Flame

  • Talent type: legendary;

  • Tier: IV;

  • Prime-cost: 825;

  • Increases Health by 155;

  • Increases Intellect by 7;

  • A firefly summoned by the talent «Fiery Guard», sees invisible units.

By the way, according to the rumours, the sub-set «Fiery Guard» will be added to the set «Legendmakers» for a define reason - a new Hero is coming to Praia…



How do you like these changes? Tell us your opinion in the comments below or in our forum.

In the middle of next week there we will continue to tell you about Patch 10.8, the next announcement is going to be about the new sub-set of legendary talents!

Stay tuned!
Prime World Team