In honor of our ladies!

04 March 2016

Our dear and beautiful Ladies!

We want to celebrate you with the first spring holiday in honor to the gentle hearts and beautiful smiles of our Ladies! A legendary gift, a new spring skin, valuable rewards for completing quests and the increased chance of creating an exclusive talent - all this is already in the game. And of course, our brisky heroines, who you can hire for half the usual price during the festive days!

Life-Giving gift!

On this special day we want to give to all our players the legendary talent "Life-Giving Radiance"!

Life-Giving Radiance

  • tier: I;
  • prime-cost: 350;
  • cooldown: 70 seconds.;
  • on activation, regenerates 200 Health over 15 seconds;
  • can be upgraded by three talents from the «Life-Giving Radiance» sub-set

To get the talent you just have to enter your castle from 09:00 UTC on 4th March till 09:00 on 9th March.

Spring tea party!

We try to make everyone smile during our festive days. And how special is this holiday, if even the cats are grinning? The new skin “Wonderland Wanderess” for the hero “Night Queen/Black Panther” will entertain you with a grinning cat!


Wonderland Wanderess

Base hero: Night Queen/Black Panther
Special features: : New voiceover

How to get this skin:

  • By completing the quest "Smile please! " that will appear in your castle. (This quest will only appear for players who have hired the hero Night Queen/Black Panther.
  • Hire the skin for the festive price of 29 gold!

Please note: This is a collector's skin and therefore it will be only available from 09:00 UTC on 4th Match till 09:00 on 9th March. Don’t miss it!

Beautiful heroines!

On this festive day, the heroines are ready to be hired for a reduced price!

  • Heroines are discounted by 50%!
Night Queen / Black Panther
49 gold / 25 gold
Fay / Fairy Queen
49 gold / 25 gold
Bard / Muse
79 gold / 39 gold
Witch / Moira
199 gold / 99 gold
79 gold / 39 gold
Defender / Guardian
199 gold / 99 gold
32 gold / 16 gold
  • Female skins are discounted by 50%!
Clockwork / Karakuri
Hero: Shadow / Whisp
69 gold / 35 Gold
Fiery Priestess / Black Sorceress
Hero: Mage / Sorcerer
69 gold / 35 gold
Geisha / Drummer
Hero: Bard / Muse
69 gold / 35 gold
Swordmaiden / Erinys
Hero: Highlander / Immortal
99 gold / 49 gold
Demoness / Lamia
Hero: Witch / Moira
69 gold / 35 gold
Vixen / Dragon Warrior
Hero: Fire Fox / Flame Tail
69 gold / 35 gold

Hook / Ma'am
Brawler / Meijin
99 gold / 49 gold

  Rockwoman / Okra
Hero: Quarrier / Rumbler
99 gold / 49 gold
Sorceress / Yababa
Held: Woodsman / Witch Doctor
99 gold / 49 gold
Nāga / Nāginī
Blade Master / Sesha
99 gold / 49 gold
Mystic Serpent / Ophidia
Hero: Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly
99 gold / 49 gold
Thumbelina / Tommelise
Hero: Frog Whisperer / Swamp King
99 gold / 49 gold
Dark Angel
Hero: Defender/Guardian
69 gold / 35 gold
Night's Embrace
Held: Faceless / Phantom
99 gold / 49 gold
Hero: Archer / Amazon
49 gold / 25 gold

Cryo / Blizzard
99 gold / 49 gold


... and other female skins!

Importance of Prime!

The spring festival has positively influenced the Prime, so the chance for exclusive (orange) talents in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden was doubled!

Spring is already here

In your castles a new quest chain - "Spring is already here!" has become available. For completing each stage of the quest you can get lots of valuable rewards and even a Golden Age!

  • Fulfill stages of the daily quest "Spring is here!"
  • Receive unique talents, which are effective for improving talents, exclusive talents, a lot of silver, prime crystals and even a Golden Age!

We wish you nice holidays!
Your Prime World Team