You will like these changes!

02 March 2016

Warriors of Praia!

Recently, we have introduced two changes which should make the game more comfortable for you. After that, we have observed whether you were satisfied with these changes or not. We have used our statistics, as well as analyzed individual opinions of the users. Today we want to tell you something new about rare talents and about some new changes in the quests for legendary crystals.

Rare talents in the Fair

We have added rare talents to the Fair because of several reasons. Above all, however, because these talents were hard to get with an active Golden Age. We have got a lot of requests to make rare talents easier available and therefore it was decided to add them to the assortment of the Fair. This way, there are no disadvantages arising for the players who do not need exactly this type of talents.

According to our statistics, this was a positive change - even experienced Lords and Ladies with a castle level over 30, found such offers interesting. But after we have made a more detailed analysis of your opinions and , it was decided to reduce the chances to get rare talents on the Fair. The chance to get rare talents on the Fair has been halved. This means that exempt positions are now occupied by unique talents. As it was already mentioned, the chance to get rare talents in the market affects the number of unique talents. The number of crystals, resources and talents of other quality is thereby not affected.

These changes are a real compromise for players, who uses rare talents for their not high leveled heroes and those who have already developed their heroes to the maximum level.

Daily quests for legendary crystals!

Furthermore, we have recently experimented with the quests for legendary crystals during a work week. Instead of giving you a rather heavy quest in the middle of the work week, we have added a third additional stage to them. This way, it was more convenient for you to get legendary crystals during workdays - it wasn't obligatory to win battles and you could complete quests exactly at those time when it was most convenient for you. Since we had both negative and positive feedback regarding these changes, we've tried to find another compromise, which will be added to the quests starting today.

  • We will add a "middle" quest - which will be similar to the previous quests, but contain easier tasks and as follows “easier” rewards in legendary crystals: in order to obtain 3 legendary crystals, you will have to make 2 wins in a group or 4 wins solo.
  • Throughout the work week- except of Wednesdays - the “gain” of legendary crystals will stay the same: for completing the third stage of the daily quest.
  • The quest for legendary crystals on Saturdays however, remains unchanged.

In this way, the maximum number of legendary crystals, which you can get for completing daily quests during a workweek, will be 12 legendary crystals starting today!

Moreover, this distribution of the daily quests for legendary crystals will give you more freedom of choice, which means that you will decide by yourself when and what tasks have to be fulfilled in each specific situation!

Onwards to new victories!
Prime World Team