First details about the upcoming Patch 10.8

25 February 2016

Lords und Ladies!

While we are working on our Patch 10.8, we will tell you every week about new and interesting changes which will await you in our next update.

Matchmaking and the maximal players rating

As you have already understood, matchmaking improvements - the most anticipated changes in game - will go live with our next Patch 10.8. To our regret, these changes were not included in the 10.7 version, because our Game Designers had developed many different versions of the new system and were searching for one that will make the game more interesting and sportsmanlike on all ratings.

It it important to notice that apart from the fact that every hero has his own rating, the skill of a player develops in different ways. A fight between two generals is fair and exciting. Obviously this can’t be true for a battle between General and Lieutenant. It is neither rewarding nor fair for one of the two. The battle becomes uninteresting for the Generals and Lieutenants.

In 10.8 we will add an additional factor to the matchmaking system — the maximal player rating, which will allow arranging fair and sportsmanlike conditions for our warriors, according to their personal skills.


The maximal player rating is the player’s rating that he won during the last 30 days.

This means that if a player has played a hero at 1800 rating, this rating would be called his maximal rating for 30 days or until a player will make a win with with a higher rated hero. It is possible to increase the maximal rating at any point of time, but it can drop only automatically after 30 days from the moment onwards after winning with a hero, whose rating was maximal at this point of time.

Teams will optimally balanced by two parameters:

  • Closest possible sums of maximal ratings between the teams.
  • Smallest possible difference of maximal rating inside a team.

What are the improvements?

  • Experienced warriors will optimally play with and against experienced warrior. This means that matchmaking system will allow to arrange an interesting fight on all ratings, depending on the maximal player rating.
  • New players will fight by the same rule with and against new players. With these changes the rating increase will pass more gentle and interesting for them.
  • The rating will better reflect the players skill. Cases where experienced players are pulling their less experienced friends to unjustified ratings will hardly appear any longer.


Let’s have a look at the statistics, in order to better understand the reasoning behind the upcoming changes:

The difference of summed maximal rating between the teams
Amount of wins


According to the statistics, the larger the difference in maximal ratings between two teams, the more the superiority is apparent to the side of the team with a higher amount of maximal player rating. It is obvious that the maximal rating displays the player’s skill much better than the rating of a particular hero, as it is currently live in the game.

There is also another side of the coin. Maximal ratings within a team may also greatly differ from each other and the larger the difference, the smaller is the chance to win.

The difference of maximal rating in the team

Amount of wins



Therefore, when experienced players are matched with new players in one team, the chances to win decrease. The consideration of the maximum rating in the matchmaking will reduce the number of such situations considerably.

Spa/Inn and the heroes Vigor

Spa/Inn and the heroes Vigor existed since beta, so many of you have not only gotten used to this building, but even perceive it as an indispensable part of Prime World. However, from our point of view today's bathhouse is a remnant and excesses the limits of the game. In Patch 10.8 this building will be revoked, as well as heroes Vigor and other consequent limitations. All resources which you had spent on the construction and improvement of the building will be compensated in full measure.


How do you like the new matchmaking system? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below or on our forum.

Onwards to new victories!!
Prime World Team