Gifts due to the day of the Defenders!

19 February 2016

The 23rd of February is a special day in the homeland of Prime World – it is the day of the Defender, when all men are celebrated. On this occasion we have gifts for all our valiant Defenders – regardless of sex or gender! Courageous Officer has polished his golden epaulettes sparkling, so much that their shine scares all monsters and even the Fire Drake! Prime crystals are so powerful these days, that you can get one and a half times as much talents from them, and for the protection of their borders wonderful gifts await our heroes - a red gift and twice as much experience!

Ritual protection!

Everyone who will enter the castle from 09:00 UTC on February 19th till 09:00 UTC on February 24th, will get the legendary talent - Ritual Extermination from the second talent set as a gift!

Ritual Extermination

  • tier: II;

  • prime-cost: 500;

  • cooldown: 80 Sek.;

  • deals 190 physical damage to the target;

  • can be upgraded by three talents from the «Ritual Extermination» sub-set.

Defend your borders!

The next one, whom you will meet today will be the Officer wearing white gold outfit!



Base Hero: Desperado


You can get the skin the following ways:

  • by completing the quest "Defense of the borders" that will appear in your castle. (This quest will only appear for players who have hired the hero Desperado).
  • Hire the Officer skin for the festive price of 29 gold!

!Please note: This is a collector's skin and therefore it will be available only from 09:00 UTC on February 19th till 09:00 UTC on February 26th. Don’t miss it!

Defender of Castles!

On a day like this, all the heroes of the defender class feel are especially aware of their special role and importance! That's why they are ready to be hired for an even cheaper price:

  • 50% gold discount for all the heroes of the defender role, including Mimi!
Da'Ka / Ha'Ka
199 gold / 99 gold
49 gold / 25 gold
299 gold/ 149 gold


  • 50% discount in gold at gold discount for all the skins for heroes of the defender role!

Hero: Highlander / Immortal
29 gold / 15 gold

Hero: Quarrier / Rumbler
99 gold / 49 gold
Hero: Highlander / Immortal
99 gold / 49 gold
Hero:Quarrier / Rumbler
69 Gold / 35 Gold
Hero:Maiden / Nymph
69 gold / 35 gold
Hero: Blade Master / Sesha
99 gold / 49 gold

Hero: Da'Ka / Ha'Ka
69 gold / 35 gold
Hero: Wanderer
99 gold / 45 gold
Hero: Wanderer
29 gold / 19 gold
Hero: Blade Master / Sesha
99 gold / 49 gold


Since the сombat spirit of our protectors has reached such heights, even the Prime itself begins to change!

Till February 24th you will get 4 Talents for 1 Prime crystal in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden!

This means that our lords and ladies can not only fully equip their heroes, but also produce some talents as a reserve. We would also like remind you that this week we have installed the Patch 10.7.2. In this Patch we have revised the exclusive talent set -"Witchcraft". Now you don’t need reagents for the use of active talents from this set! Moreover, a new talent which may restore health has been added to the set - Taste of Life! Hurry up and use the action in the Talent Forge / Talent Garden in order to equip not only your hero, but also to get the new set and long awaited talents like Taste of Life!

Hallows of the praian earth!

In addition, for the defense of our own borders, heroes will bring valuable things from the battlefields! If you will complete all the quest stages, you will receive 10 talents!

  • Every day a new stage of the quest "Earth Hallows" will appear in your castle.
  • For completing of each stage you can get 1 to 3 talents from the set "Earth Hallows".

Experienced defense!

Besides gifts, talents, discounts and the new skin, from 09:00 UTC on February19th till 09:00 UTC on February 24th, your Defenders will benefit from a nice bonus for leveling - twice as much experience for each battle! With active Golden Age it is even four times as much experience!


Onwards to new victories!

Your Prime World Team