Explanations to the daily quests

17 February 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Starting today we will change the quests for legendary crystals.

Previously, there were two big and fairly difficult quests during the week - one on wednesdays, the second one on saturdays. In order to win 5 legendary crystals you had to either win 3 games in a group of not less than 3 players or win 6 times playing solo.

It was too difficult for many players to complete them, because you don't always have the opportunity to win several games during one evening in the middle of a work week, or find enough allies for the battles.

That is why we've made the decision to change the conditions for winning legendary crystals during the workweek. From now on, every day from Monday to Friday there will be a third stage added to the daily quests. The reward will be 1 legendary crystal.

New system as follows:

  • For fulfilling the first stage you will receive resources as the reward (e.g. 20000 Silver!) or talents, both unique particularly effective for the talents improvement - and exclusive.
  • For fulfilling the second stage you will receive some Prime crystals.
  • For fulfilling the third stage you will receive 1 legendary crystal. The third stage will also include alternative tasks, so that you will be able to choose which task to complete.

This means that five legendary crystals, which could previously be received for Wednesdays Quest are now spread over the 5 working days. The Saturday’s quest for legendary crystals won't be changed.

We would also like to remind you that we recently have added new tasks to the daily quests, to bring in some variation: Now the Quest tasks can be based on the type of damage, the number of used teleports and even used glyphs. We hope that with all these improvements the daily quests will be even more interesting for you, both to complete and to gather rewards.

Onwards to new victories!

Prime World Team