Colorful graffiti in Praia?

16 February 2016

The portrait was just perfect - very colorful, clearly visible for all and quite offensive. The boy snorted, scratching his nose, and thus smeared the color from his hands onto his face. He hid his face behind a scarf and painted a fat and disgusting wart on the chin of the mayor  - now the picture was complete.  From the wall of the Town Hall the portrait of the mayor looked down on him and showed in its entirety that the boy should be ashamed.
The young man stepped back. He critically examined his masterpiece. Something was missing, a final
touch ... But he had no time for that. The town guards would appear soon and would rather not face them.
Looks good, - he heard an unexpected voice behind his back.
Thank you - the young man turned around and tried to see his counterpart in the darkness of the early morning – Problems sleeping that early in the morning, Sir?
The man snorted, without answering the boy he walked slowly towards the wall with the portrait. He ran his hand over the portrait.
The man's hands were covered with burns and stains from Prime. "Demonologist!" – he thought. He wanted to exploit the moment while the hero turned his back on him... but suddenly he fell into a previously invisible trap.
The young man remembered how he had always admired Demonologist when he was a young child and one day wanted to become like him. Nothing had changed ever since. Yet, the boy hadn’t become a hero. Sometimes dreams just remain dreams.
The hero examinated the portrait and began selectively touching the contours of the image. According to the rumors, he had developed interest in art and even had his own collection of great masterpieces. 
Without much hesitation the boy tried his best to escape from the trap. In that second a prime flow came out of Demonologists hands streaming towards the wall - the final touch to add the image to his collection. However, when he felt the strain on the trap, he turned around and poured the pure prime over the poor painter.
- Aha! - Satisfied with his examination, Demonologist held a vial with caustic paint. - Let's see what we can do with that...



Name: Graffiti
Base hero: Artiste
Feature: sex change, new voiceover
Price: 99 gold