Shadow on the wall

16 February 2016

He woke up from his own silent scream. His heart raced in his chest, his throat ached and he could not get rid of the feeling, that he had a deep wound on his neck. His brain had not yet realized that his body was unharmed and all the terrible things had remained a nightmare. The same nightmare as always, again and again, every night...

He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and tried to calm himself down, repeatedly saying that everything was over. She could not have survived. He could not have saved her.

- Tsss, - Cold fingers touched his hand gently. Instinctively he grabbed the dagger under his pillow and was ready for everything.

- Quiet, quiet. This is just a nightmare, isn't it? Sharp laughter sounded from every corner of his room.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. This voice pursued him even in his nightmares, that voice had called him, accusing him and demanding retribution - every night.

- You only see me in your nightmares …

He frowned and his hands were shaking in fear. A mixture of dark, dense shades prevented him to clearly see the silhouette – the only thing he saw were two long braids, a filigree mask and two blades.

- I didn't want that... - he whispered softly, and let the dagger slip from his hand - I didn't want to kill you...

His memory took him back to that day... The weather had been terrible, it rained endlessly, so that all roads were muddy. Just a simple walk at the outskirts of the forest would have been a dangerous adventure. In the end mercenaries are getting paid for risking their lives. Therefore, walked carefully, watching his steps and what was happening under his feet - one wrong step and he could fall.

But she wanted to test her luck, but on the last misstep she fell into the Primelake. The muddy ground opened up under her feet... He couldn't help her – only stop her painful agony...

- Tsss, easy, easy. It is just a nightmare, isn't it?
He heard a soft whisper close to his ear. A steel blade touched his throat…

- I can't say that I like to kill - the woman whispered, leaning towards the face of her murderer - But I can't do it the other way ...


Name: Night`s Embrace
Base hero: Faceless/Phantom
Feature: sex change, new voiceover
Price: 99 gold