Additional information about the Guide Contest and Guide Match Event.

15 February 2016

Lords und Ladies!

We have got a lot of qualitative, detailed and interesting guides about Prime World during our Guide Contest. That`s why we decided to prolong it’s deadline till 00:00 UTC on 17.02. in case someone still wants to share his/her experience, but hasn't had the opportunity, yet. We appreciate your efforts and are looking forward to even more of your nice contest work!

The same deal for our upcoming Guide Match Event. Sent or post us your applications till 00:00 UTC on 17.02 in this special thread on our forum. All authors whose guides are currently in the main section "Guides and Tactics" and were written before or after our current competition are also welcome to take part! With one important condition: Update your guides if needed!


Now to the most interesting part, we will have the following prize pool:

  • 1st place: 30 legendary crystals.
  • 2nd place: 20 legendary crystals.
  • Moreover every participant will get 100 blue crystals!

Onwards to new victories!

Prime World Team