Colourful weekend - Action on the Fair!

12 February 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The beginning of spring is always a welcomed event and the weekend is always a little holiday! In addition to the news of such interesting сhanges from Patch 10.7.2 this weekend will be a promising one. But what would a holiday be without a nice surprise?

Bright colors - that's what awaits our Lords and Ladies this weekend!

Colorful Fair!

Only for three days till 09:00h UTC on February 15th a special event on the market, celebrating the beginning of spring! The merchants removed the resources from their assortment and all that’s left are talents and crystals. The number of all legendary talents was doubled, including the number of the talents from the legendary set «Legendmakers», which was also doubled:

  • Only the most valuable goods are still in the assortment — talents and crystals of all kinds and colors!
  • x2 Chance to get legendary talents! Red symbolizes passion, the color of the heart, the color of love. Legendary talents for the favorite heroes!
  • Simultaneously the chance to get talents from the legendary set «Legendmakers» was also doubled (meaning the total chance to get red talents was increased by 4!) Do unforgettable heroic deeds that will create legends!
  • Purchased slots remain permanently! No restrictions of your choice, the number of offers won't decrease!
  • Renewing will cost 1 instead of 2 prime crystals. Renew the offers with even more profit!

Please note the following! In order for the changes to apply, please restart the game!

Onwards to memorable feats!

Prime World Team