Upcoming changes to the Fair

11 February 2016

Lords und Ladies!

Patch 10.7.2 is coming soon and in addition to the revised version of the "Witchcraft" set and of course the hero rebalancing, the new patch will also include very interesting changes to the Fair.

The Fair - central place of each castle. Trading never ends here, goods will be replaced by new ones, the players are carefully looking through the offers. They are happy about a successful deal or upset that they got an unprofitable offer. Everyone wants to get profit while only making small investments - that`s how it works on the Fair. With the upcoming patch we want to reorganize the Fair to make it even more enjoyable and profitable for you!

New prices for exclusive (orange) talents:

Also, the price for unique (purple) talents will be reduced 3 times:

  • 5–35 prime crystals instead of 36–44
  • 9–14 gold instead of 19 gold

New prices for unique (purple) talents::

  • 2000–5000 silver  instead of 7000–20000 silver

Even though the blue (rare) talents are naturally inferior to the talents of a higher quality in terms of characteristics, these are still very important at the beginning of the hero development process. Considering the fact that you can hardly get such talents with the an active Golden Age, the most popular of them will be added to the Fair. Regarding the chance of getting them on the Fair - rare talents will be “mixed” with unique talent. The chances on other goods will stay untouched.

The purchase price for this talents will be 1000-2000 Silver:

«Affinity for Magic»


«Logical Protection»

«Desperate Intellect»

«Knight's Resolve»

«Desperate Strength»

«Warrior's Resolve»


«Greatness of Mind»

«Desperate Strength»


«Secret Light»


«Hidden Power»



«Lynx's Agility»

«Love of the Land»

«Fox's Guile»

«Light Step»


«Mental Training»


«Agility Training»

«Animal Agility»

«Sprouts of Life»

«Feral Speed»



«Strength of Faith»


«Iron Endurance»

«Striking Force»

«Thirst for Destruction»

«Wolf's Endurance»

«Sleight of Hand»

«Enhanced Resistance»


«Strength of Will»

«Increasing Cunning»

«Mindless Fury»  


But that is not everything we`ve prepared for you! Such long-awaited ... will appear in Praia so soon!