Welcome the golden times!

05 February 2016

Lords und Ladies!

It gets warmer in Praia with every new day. The piles of snow are about to melt, the sun is shining brighter and the light is reflecting from the heroes’ armor and swords. Heroes are filled with the power of Prime and the first snowdrops are starting to grow in the castles.

Everyone is impatiently waiting for spring — it’s the perfect time to take care of the lordships’ prosperity! Only for three days the spring sun has increased the duration of the Golden Age!

More Golden Age!

49 Gold = 3 days Golden Age + 1 day for free!

99 Gold = 7 days  Golden Age + 3 days for free

299 Gold = 30 days Golden Age + 10 days for free!

This offer is valid till 9:00h UTC on February 8. Just open the window for the Golden Age purchase in your castle to take it.

n addition, we would like to remind you, that there is currently one more offer available «More Talents!»: +5 talents for a win with active Golden Age. Additionally: +5 talents for every ally with active Golden Age in your team!

Prosperity is just one step away!

Prime World Team