Nurse is hurrying to rescue you!

01 February 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Recently Praia was filled with rumors about a strange disease. It doesn`t matter whether you treat it or not - you will certainly get ill for a week at least! It`s said that it is a contagious disease. If you stand next to the patient for a while, the next day you will also became sick. Some people and of course our heroes walk through the streets (and lanes) with a protective mask. This looks both funny and scary at the same time. But we must not be afraid!

Even in such an uncertain situation heroes rush to our aid! Nurse is ready to provide any assistance and support to everyone who needs it!

Fulfill a quest chain «Protection against the flue!» and get the skin Nurse for free! We will raffle about a 100 skins among all players who will complete it! The quest chain will available in your castles till 09:00h UTC on 5th February.


Base hero: Healer / Priestess
Hiring conditions: Complete the quest chain or like the post on our Facebook page.

Apart from the quest chain we will also raffle 1 skin for every 10 Likes of the post on our Facebook page. We will choose our winners randomly.

We wish you good health and brilliant victories!

Your Prime World Team