Valuable gifts for filling up the account!

29 January 2016

Lord and Ladies!

Throughout January, we tried to please you with different discounts, gifts and bonuses, with legendary crystals, reward increases for the first victory of the day and many other features.

So we have decided, that the last weekend of the month also has to be magical! In addition to the sped up development of heroes and the possibility to receive Golden Age just for completing the quest chain, this weekend we will give away gifts for filling up the account!

We tried to approach the selection of gifts very carefully, taking your tastes into account. The assortment covers a whole range of gifts: Prime crystals, Golden Age and even legendary talents!

More details about the gifts!

For three days, from 29th till 31st January, receive gifts for replenishing your gold reserves! Don't miss your chance to receive an up to 50% payment bonus!

       Gold coins amount

From 250 to 499 gold

200 Prime crystals!
  From 500 to 749 gold

7 days of the Golden Age and 250 Prime crystals

  From 750 to 999 gold 30 days of the Golden Age
  From 1000 gold and more 7 random legendary talents

Please note! You will receive your deserved gifts not directly after the refill, but till 17:00 (UTC) on February the 1st!

Sincerely yours,
Prime World Team