Golden winter time!

27 January 2016

Lords and Ladies!

The winter holidays have passed, Borderlands was freed from the snow shackles, but the magic isn’t over yet! Warriors of Praia, get ready for the Golden Age!

Starting today and till including January 31st, we will add one more - third - phase to the daily quests, with the reward being one day of the Golden Age!

The chain of three quests will appear in the castles every day: As a reward for the first phase you will get talents and resources, for the second - prime crystals and for the third you will bring another day of glory to your Castle and of course the Golden Age!

So, every day you will have the opportunity to extend the Golden Age for another day! All you need to do is: Complete quests!

Please note! You have to collect the rewards before the end of the task duration, otherwise they will disappear.

Onward to new victories!