Guide contest has been started!

26 January 2016

Lords and ladies!

Experienced warriors have always passed down their knowledge to the younger generation, taught them how to hold a sword and to survive in Prime Zone. The epochs have changed, generations have passed, but this fine tradition continues to exist. Veterans of Praia, tell your successors how to become an honorable warrior!

We announce the first phase of the Guide Contest - Share your experiences and maybe your guide will be a paragon for any beginner!

The general rules of competition

1. The author is given full freedom! Possible topics for your guides:

  • Classic manual which describes the game for a particular hero.
  • Guide for the Beginner. Should include what you think is most helpful for the newly arrived warriors.

2. Only new texts may participate in the competition. It is forbidden to use works that have already been published anywhere.

3. Post your guides in the form of a new topic in the special sub-forums: Hero Guides, Guides for our newbies, in the section Contests - Guide Contest. The name of the Guide"/"Guide for the Beginner. The name of the hero.

4. Each author may submit an unlimited number of works.

5. There are no restrictions on the number of characters. In addition, we recommend you to read the competition guidelines, this will help making your Guides understandable and more enjoyable for the reader.

The competition takes place in two phases:

1. Main phase of the contest: According to its results the 15 best works to be selected (10 and 5 in any theme). The acceptance of your works is already open and will last until 14th February!

2. Guides that will win in the first stage, will participate in a reader poll on our forums, the winner will be rewarded with a prize of 500 gold. We will inform you about the start of the poll.

Vote for the best guides!


Now we would like to tell you more about the most interesting thing - about the rewards!

First, the authors of each worthy Guide will be awarded with Prime crystals (up to 500), depending on the quality of the guides (which will be impartially determined by our team). Regardless of whether it will be present on the list of the best works or not, these Guides will be added to the section Suggested Guides on our forum.

Second, you have the chance to get legendary talents of your choice!

  • Authors of the 10 best guides will get 10 legendary talents of their choice.
  • Authors of the 5 best guides for the beginners will get 10 legendary talents of their choice.

Please note that more than one work from one author can win.

Third, the 15 best guides that were mentioned above will participate in a reader vote, and the winner will be awarded with an additional price of 500 gold! Thus, the maximum reward is 500 prime crystals, 10 legendary talents and 500 gold.


Take part!

Be courageous and wise! Show our new warriors the right way!