Arena - Take part at the discussion!

25 January 2016

Lords and Ladies!

Praia saw many glorious battles that took place in the Arena. Many heroes have earned themselves with everlasting glory, proving their skill and power of will on their way to the top. But now it's time to take a break and prepare for the next great battle!

Warriors of Praia! The Sand of Arena is filled with Prime and the spirit of glorious victories. Now it is time for further development! During the first three seasons of the Arena, we were closely monitoring your responses and interests.

Some of you have encountered difficulties with starting the Golden League at the beginning of the year. Now we are in process of discussing compensations for the situation arisen. In particular for those players who have reached the golden stage, but couldn’t take part in it.

From today on, the Arena closes its doors, but will be ready again soon, to appear in an updated version. This means that everyone can take part in further improving the Arena!

Tell us what you enjoyed the most. What are the disadvantages you have faced? What format changes would you like to see? Leave us your thoughts in the forum or in the comments below!

Take part in the discussion, make proposals and prepare for the next upcoming Arena!

Prime World Team